Welcome to
Miss Pattycake Montessori

We are committed to shape the future of your children

We are committed to
shape the future of
your children

How we address COVID-19

  • Frequent cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toys regularly after use is important precaution to lower the Risk of infection.
  • All restrooms are cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day.
  • Takes place at the assigned main front door.
  • Health screening questions and Temperature checks takes place at the drop-off for every child.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the building to limit the exposure and spread of disease.
  • Anyone who enters the building, children and teachers must wash their hands.
  • All parents are requested to wear a mask while picking and dropping off their child.
  • Same classes/age groups stay in the together all day.
  • Same childcare providers and staff remain with the same group each day.
  • One group of children at a time are on playground.
  • Only designated persons are allowed to enter common areas such as the kitchen.
  • All staff members/teachers wear masks throughout the day.
  • Children wash or sanitize their hands immediately after each activity.
  • Increase the distance between children especially during table work.

Welcome to
Miss Pattycake Montessori

montessori school montessori school

Our full-time Montessori school offers the finest facilities available for children aged between 6 weeks to 5 years. Our preschool curriculum provides developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to encourage your child to be confident, successful, life-long learners.However the early years are critical to your child’s positive growth and development and they are keen to learn new skills experience challenging opportunities and be encouraged for their strengths and talents.
Miss Pattycake Montessori provides your child a pleasant, fun environment to grow.
  • Miss pattycakes Montessori  works especially for early childhood development.
  • particularly school is for the children  between 6 weeks to 5 years.
  • This centre aims to provide the children a pleasant environment or you can say fun environment to grow.

some of the key points are as discussed below

  • firstly  it has safe and secure environment  
  •  secondly competent and caring teachers
  • third ,appropriate curriculum to enhance learning.
  • cleaning and desinfecting the toys to lower the risk of infection
  • wearing mask is mandatory
  • social distancing
  • as long as
  • particularly
  • in conclusion
  • beside
  • furthermore
  • moreover
  • similarly
  • finally
  • likewise
  • next
  • again
  • further
  • last
  • as a result
  • infact
  • in the same way
  • as well as
  • first
  • second
  • accordingly
  • in addition
  • further
  • above all
  • as long as
  • however
  • likewise
  • secondly
  • firstly
  • espacially
  • however
  • infact

Why trust us with your child

  • Safe and Secure environment for your child
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum to enhance learning
  • Caring, competent, and compassionate staff to cater to your child’s educational needs
  • Increase parent engagement

What our happy parents say about Montessori School

"This place is wonderful! Both my children love attending. My son is flourishing in the preschool and my daughter couldn't wait for summer camp to start!"​
Jessica M.
"Our children absolutely love Miss Pattycake Montessori and their teachers! In fact they are so amazing and love our children as if they were their own."​
Karen F.
"I can't say enough good things about Miss Pattycake Montessori. Everyone on their staff is wonderful, especially the director. therefore I highly recommend this daycare!"​
David J.

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